The Best Night

Last night may have been the best night of my life. There’s exactly one reason for that, and that is the Georgia Tech Homecoming Football Game. Everyone in the school knew that FSU was favored. This was a team that hasn’t lost a regular season game since 2012 and is ranked 9th. We were a team that had just come off a 5 game losing streak and were just looking awful.

Because it was a homecoming game, the atmosphere was unreal. The amount of energy in the stadium was almost overwhelming, even at the very beginning. It was a white out game, and the sea of white with the synchronized movements of white pom-poms seemed unreal. The red FSU fans were blemishes in the stands, complete with their one terrible chant that they seemed to do everything. Our crowd seemed more powerful than ever before (with our multiple chants, including this one). Through the course of the game, we caused at least 4 false starts and a forced timeout.

Our team also performed much better than usual, having success through the middle and still running the option when possible. The game was consistently close, with FSU in the lead for most of the game. With a few minutes left, we managed to tie the game, leaving them with the ball with less than a minute to play. Somehow, they managed to drive down to the field and they had 6 seconds left on the clock to kick a field goal with the best kicker in college football.

Miraculously, we managed to block the kick. I began to celebrate then. Even more miraculously, we managed to pick up the blocked kick and run half the length of the field for a touchdown as time expired. It was a few seconds before the entire student section (myself included) rushed the field and screamed for hours with a sense of community that I’ve never felt before. What a time to be alive.

It was amazing.

Sheer joy as the entire student section filled the field.

Sheer joy as the entire student section filled the field.

The most beautiful scoreboard.

The most beautiful scoreboard.

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