Day 100: Done.

I can’t believe it. This is it. After 100 days, I’ve written 100 posts on this blog. This isn’t exactly how Elle Luna or I envisioned it, but that’s okay. Things never turn out the way that they’re expected to. What matters is the fact that I’ve written a hell of a lot of content in the last hundred days. When I began this project, I was bored on a Saturday night and decided to write my first post and synthesize my personal beliefs with a pretty book I read. The next week, I found myself with a ton of homework and was considering giving up, less than a week after I had started.

That action would’ve been super typical of me. I was really used to starting things and giving up on them soon after. However, by giving myself the lax rules of being able to catch up if I missed a day was extremely important. I’ve continued to use that rule a lot, especially today with these 8 posts, but the rule has helped me to stick to this project more than anything else. If I ever felt like I failed for not writing one day, I doubt I would’ve come near to Day 10, let alone 100. It’s been incredible writing so much and seeing my posts get likes and my blog get follows from strangers. It serves as a great ego boost to receive likes, because I know at least one person has read what I’ve said. I want to say thank you to everyone that liked or followed or commented or reblogged any of my posts just because of how much it means to me.

I don’t know what the next steps are for my writing “career” but I do think this was an important part of it. I know I want to continue writing in any way possible, be it in my blog, or pieces on Medium, or maybe for my collegiate newspaper if possible. Whatever path I take, I want to become a better writer and continue to get better. I’m going to keep writing as much as possible and start reading as much as possible to do so. Writing may not be my intended career path, but it continues to be one of the most important things to me.

For now, I’m just happy to be done.


2 thoughts on “Day 100: Done.

  1. As someone who has read your posts from day 1, from pistachios to Kendrick Lamar to Chicago days to trash talking that one guy who offended you at your internship, I can completely and truthfully guarantee that I’ve seen you grow so much as a writer, whether it be your writing style or your mindset. Your blogging is a healthy balance of informative, witty, relaxing, and relatable. I know college is going to be a big change, but I really do hope you find some time to regularly write on this blog. I’m glad I was alongside you for this endeavor, and I hope our friendship is feasible in the upcoming years bc you’re a pretty swaggy friend. Happy 18th year of marvelous life and congratulations on finishing this project. Much love <3, butimnotablogger

    • Aww, I just saw this! Thank you so much for all of your support and for reading every post, despite how terrible some of them turned out to be. Our friendship better continue, or else I’ll have no one to ponder the meaning of photography and other riveting topics with.

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