Day 93: Behind

So, if you’ve been keeping track of this blog at all recently, you’d realize that I’m really behind. In fact, tomorrow is the 100th day of #the100DayProject and thus the end of the challenge. Therefore, I want to have written my 100th post by the end of the tomorrow. Today I’ll try to write just a fraction of these.

I’ve fallen behind for a number of reasons. First of all, I had my Chicago trip a few weeks ago, where I didn’t write any posts for about a week. That put me behind since I was busy exploring the city and taking pictures and doing FBLA stuff. I never really caught up after that but getting close. At one point, I was only one day behind my intended schedule. However, last week happened, which involved me having very little energy and desire to write whenever I came home and causing me to fall behind further. Since Thursday, I’ve been in New York City, and the walking on a daily basis has put me even further behind.

I really hope I can catch up, but my past history has shown me not really succeeding at doing that. I’ve never been this far before, and the last time I was anywhere close to this far behind was a few weeks and I never did get back on track. I’m going to have a few hours on the plane tomorrow, so I may go on a writing tear and just churn out a ton of content. Whatever happens, I’m looking forward to the challenge.


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