Day 92: Prime Day

Today is Prime Day, a creation of that was meant to surpass Black Friday in the volume of its amazing deals in celebration of some sort of anniversary for the company. The main goal was to increase Amazon Prime subscriptions, since the sales would only be available for Prime members.

What was hyped up to be a sale to end all sales, ended up being more like every visit I’ve ever made to Ross, which is just looking at terrible looking things, which have low prices and “actual price” stickers that you know are just bullshit. For Amazon, I understand the rationale of creating this whole hyped up event. What I don’t understand is why they couldn’t put in the effort to 1. Offer deals for things people actually wanted, like bestselling items and 2. Present the deals in an easy to use manner.

In an act of apparent sheer laziness, all these sales were presented like all of their daily lightning deals, which is in a difficult and annoying little rectangle that you can’t change the size of and can’t narrow categories beyond department. For a company of its size and development power, it would’ve been simple to change it and make a more usable way to view these deals. The use of lightning deals probably prevented too much profit loss, but honestly, with the terrible products being sold, I doubt people were buying very much anyways.


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