Day 86: “It becomes easier to write when you know you have to do it tomorrow”

The title of this post comes from a medium article entitled, “What I Learned From Writing Over 800,000 Words.” Among other things, the author talks about his journey of writing an average of 1,000 words a day.

I want to focus on this quote, because I think that it would seem to apply to me. I am a part of a daily writing challenge after all. However, as I’ve said before, I’m not writing daily. Right now, I’m about 4 days behind. Today is actually the 90th day of #the100DayProject and I need to write a whole lot more posts today. For a while, I was writing daily, but it didn’t make it easier to know that I had to do it tomorrow. For me, what made it easier was that it was for me and not for anyone else and that no matter what I wrote, it was likely that at least person would read it and give me some sort of positive feedback on it (such as a like or a comment).

Another point that the author makes is that “consistency brings confidence.” Regardless of whether or not I’ve actually been writing on a daily basis, I’ve had consistency in my writing, more so than I’ve ever had for non-educational writing. Honestly, it has made me less timid about sharing my writing. Because of the goal of writing the given number of posts, I’ve cared less about making each post perfect and more about getting the ideas out there. I’ve focused on each one being practice instead of thinking of it as something that can’t have any mistakes, which is really liberating if you consider my prior approach to writing. Each of my blog posts would be read by several people to check for typos before it was published and by the end, I still felt like my piece needed more work.

School essays had built this habit into me, as any time that I minimally edited my works, I would receive less than stellar grades and maximum editing would lead to higher grades. Ultimately, writing more has changed my approach towards writing, in a freeing manner.


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