Day 84: Photography Revisited

So the title of this post refers to an older post from about a week ago called Photography. In the post, I expressed my love photography that I’ve never really acted and my high quality camera that has gathered dust for 4 years. I wrote about it and taking it to Chicago to take some pictures in order to give myself some accountability for actually doing something with it. I don’t know if it was that post or just the fact that I had the camera with me and didn’t want to seem like a wannabe photography to have my camera and not use it, but I definitely took some pictures. Like a lot.

Before I edited and deleted a ton of the pictures, I had over 1300 pictures from 4 days of taking pictures in Chicago. I edited a total of 570 pictures. Of all of the pictures I edited, I posted around 140 pictures on Facebook and will probably post less than 40 of those pictures to flickr or whatever real photo-sharing website I end up using. This sounds really depressing – how so many pictures can end up yielding so few good ones, but I’m so totally okay with that. In fact, I really enjoy this whole process. The thing about photography is that the extras steps are each exciting in their own way.

First, there is observing the subject. For me and other tourists, this is walking through a city, looking around for something cool to take a picture of. This is super fun intrinsically and part of the reason people travel in the first place, with or without a camera. Next, there is actually taking the picture and adjusting the settings to get the best picture you can before the rest of your group gets too far away and you run up to catch them. Last, you have the amazing power of editing, where you dig through all of your shots, reliving the day and finding the diamonds in the rough and polish them to create the most beautiful pictures you can.

If you want to see my favorite pictures from my trip, click here.


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