Day 83: Chicago Thursday

This post is a part of a series detailing my trip to Chicago (from Sunday to Thursday). To see the post for Sunday, click here.
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It was the last day in Chicago, which meant it was the last day to do all of the most Chicago things possible. There’s one thing that is so Chicago that pretty much every mention of the city evokes in my mind. Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza. With our final day in the city, there was no way that we didn’t go for pizza, even if it did mean that it was our brunch that day. We went to the same place that we had gone to and failed to eat at several times before, Lou Malnati’s. The reviews on Yelp were too good to pass up on.

Phone stack

We ordered almost immediately after arriving, knowing that it would take forever to bake and that we had to go for a Riverboat tour soon. The most exciting thing about that meal didn’t end up being the too-heavy, yet delicious pizza. In our wait, we decided to play the phone game, where everyone put their phones in a stack (you can see it in the picture) in the middle of the table and whoever touched it would have to pay for everyone’s meal. The pizza was authentic, and so was the price. In fact, it was so authentic that a group of teenagers managed to go nearly an hour without touching their phones and ended up telling stories, like how one of them had his phone stolen by a racist pickpocket and had to confront them continuously for nearly an hour to get it back as well as some of their attempts to pick up girls from FBLA.


After the meal, we realized we were late for the riverboat and ran several blocks with stomachs filled with excessive amounts of cheese and grease. At the river, we got onto our boat and began to learn about the architecture of the city from our awesome tour guide named Jim. Jim reminded me of Gary Busey, if Gary Busey wasn’t insane, was from Chicago, was a huge fan of architecture and was a Riverboat tour guide. I got a ton of solid pictures from the ride and learned a lot, so shout out to Jim.

City from Boat

After a short trip to Navy Pier, we headed to awards, where we listened to instrumental versions of top 40 singles and stock dubstep while people walked on stage and received some sort of plastic-y glass trophy things and some cash while everyone yelled a lot. It was a lot more exciting than that, but after 3 hours of it, it got tiring. My school won a lot, which was cool, especially when a good friend of mine (the one who had the existential crisis won the biggest award possible). After a few hours of celebration, we headed back to the hotel and were given less than an hour to get dinner and pack up all of our stuff before loading onto the bus for another super long bus ride.

I didn’t think it was possible, but this bus ride was less fun than first, lacking the anticipation of seeing a new place and enjoying a week of competition and friendship. The only anticipation was for my own bed. I knew that in a few days it would be back to the old grind.


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