Day 81: Chicago Tuesday

This post is a part of a series detailing my trip to Chicago (from Sunday to Thursday). To see the post for Sunday, click here.
To see the post for Monday, click here.


Tuesday began with a plan for brunch. We didn’t have an enormous amount of stuff to do, so of course that meant a lot of touristy stuff. Our choice of brunch spot was a highly reviewed place called Wildberry Pancakes, which was known for (surprisingly enough) their amazing selection of pancakes. I had the “Signature Berry Bliss” Pancakes which had “Vanilla Anglaise, Blackberry Coulis, Berry Marscapone, & Fresh Berries.” The serving size was enormous but worth it in every way possible.

Stage Area

Since the place was right across from the park, we decided to cut through Millennium Park and go to the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the best art museums in the world, holding many notable works including a ton by Monet, The American Gothic and Nighthawks. On the way to the Institute, we walked through a huge stage area where the Chicago Community Orchestra was playing. In the Art Institute, we wandered the many halls of the building, marveled at the beauty, and ended up on thirsty and exhausted. We returned to the hotel to go to another boring event, where the sole candidate for a national office answered questions in an unenthusiastic tone for an hour.

Art Institute

Afterwards, we went to a well-known hot dog place, which was pretty lame for the vegetarians in the group and only chosen because one of the members of the group wasn’t willing to compromise and more or less threw a tantrum. Following that, half our group went off to study more for their event, while the rest of us went to Shake Shack for some dessert. Naturally, I got another Shack Attack concrete and deeply enjoyed the layered flavors of deliciousness. While inhaling the ice cream contraption, we met a couple of the state officers and ended up talking to them for a while and learning a whole lot about the drama surrounding the state organization.

With the same crew, I headed to Walgreen’s to pick up a six-pack … of water. Hydration is always an issue during trips and I always make it a point to go to a convenience store and buy some just in case. The night ended as usual, with us falling asleep relatively early because we were exhausted from all of the walking.


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