Day 80: Chicago Monday

This post is a part of a series detailing my trip to Chicago (from Sunday to Thursday). To see the post for Sunday, click here.

Monday proved to be a very unexciting day compared to the day before because there was significantly more FBLA stuff to do. I had to compete in my testing event and do some last minute studying as well as go to a several hour long opening ceremony with the 12,000 other students in the evening.

In the morning, we decided to get breakfast at a small local café called Lavazza Cafe, which was a short walk away from the hotel. The hole-in-the-wall coffee shop had a wide array of coffees and some breakfast sandwiches that proved to be solid for the prices. I had some of their coffee which was pretty good as well. Yesterday, I found out that Lavazza Coffee was actually an official sponsor of Wimbledon. After breakfast, we headed back to the hotel to study for our events. Our adviser told us to leave for our events a solid hour and a half before they started.

So after doing an excessive amount of practice tests, I needed a quick bite to eat so I could leave early. I ran over to the food court and got some Jimmy Johns and scarfed it down before going over to the hotel to change. I threw my clothes on and am sure that they were super wrinkled and in disarray. I walked towards the Hyatt, where my event would be held. I walked at a relatively fast pace since I was told that it was a 20 minute walk. When I arrived 8 minutes later, I knew that was a lie. I went to my event location and had to wait for an hour with a Georgia State Officer standing next to me and asking me the same questions over and over again. Afterwards, I did my event, finishing my test really quickly but checking over it a bunch.

I came back to the hotel, changed back into my normal clothes and just hung out for a while with my friends. At night, we had to go to the opening ceremony, which took several hours and involved lots of random cheering, loud music, and flashing lights in a room filled with thousands of teenagers in business attire. Afterwards, a few of the people from my school campaigned for the national presidential candidate from Georgia, singing and spinning signs to every person who passed by. Because of our campaigning efforts, there was pretty much no way we would get back to our hotel in one of the shuttles due to astronomical lines. A few friends and I called an Uber back to the hotel and then ordered pizza from a place called Jet’s because everything else was closed.

All in all, Monday was fairly uneventful and I didn’t take any pictures as a result.


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