Day 78: Urban Beauty

It’s past 2 am Central time in Chicago, IL. I’ve spent nearly two days here. The time has been filled with surprisingly reasonable amounts of sleep, tons of walking, new places to eat and hundreds of pictures that I still have to develop and comb through. I’m excited and a little bit scared as to what I will find. Even after taking so many, I worry that there will be issues with the photos due to the difficulty my camera seems to have with (both auto and manual) focusing.

Yesterday, I took pictures nearly constantly, attempting to take in the enormous beauty of the diverse architecture. Neoclassical buildings were flanked by perfectly modern ones in a way that somehow just flowed. In fact, the flow of the Chicago River seems to tie the whole city together. Patches of green in various parks dot the fairly flat city and comfortable temperatures are present for the incredible amount of people walking around. I’m not sure what it is, but there is something about this city that just makes it so wonderful. It combines a climate that I love with many city elements that just work.

I wonder if it may be my favorite city I’ve visited. That honor currently goes to San Francisco, largely due to the culture and character associated with the flamboyant populace and forward-thinking shops and restaurants, and less of the physical beauty. I don’t yet know Chicago, as I am only acquainted with her. 2 days is too short to truly learn one’s character, so I hope time can lead to a more accurate depiction. However, Chicago is unlikely to ever be my city of residence. It’s more traditional way of thinking precludes it as a tech hub, unlike San Francisco and other cities I like (and think I would like) such as Austin, NYC and Seattle. As such, Chicago doesn’t have a chance to be a home, but only a beautiful getaway.


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