Day 75: Medium

People love to say the phrase “you’re one in a million,” not realizing that means that I’m in a group with 7,000 other people on the planet. I began to think about this as I browsed through Medium, looking for blog inspiration like any other day. That place is filled with all sorts of people sharing content, including those who want to write for a living, tech people who wanna share their insights and other people who want to get as much attention through catchy titles as possible.

As I scrolled through, disinterested in most of the stories, it struck me of how I related most to these writers, who just wanted someone to look at what they made. I personally have a few posts on Medium and get excited by each view and read I get on it, as rare as they are. Unfortunately, the most popular posts on Medium aren’t these beautiful literary pieces by would-be writers, but the insights gained by the designer from Yale and engineer who’s worked at every successful startup ever. I don’t want to say that it’s not fair, but it’s a frustrating that certain genres of the art are all but ignored by a highly educated populace on the site.

However, this isn’t to say that all quality writing escapes the top stories for a given a month. A substantial portion of these posts are well-written and many provide detailed analysis of important issues. No medium is perfect and Medium’s beautiful interface doesn’t change that. While allowing for anything fiction or not tied to changing how one thinks about something to sit in the background, Medium still gives access to an incredible amount of content.


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