Day 74: Being Healthy Sucks

I don’t want to write another post to voice my general frustration, but it looks like that’s happening again. If you remember a few posts ago, I was talking about trying to eat healthier and stuff to make me more productive and energetic when I get home after a day of work. However, eating healthier is more aimed at helping me to lose weight, which means my dinner for the last couple of nights has been some combination of greek yogurt, fruit, pistachios and a desire for food.

I went for a run yesterday and tried to run for 5 miles. What really happened was that I ran for most of the 2 miles and walked another .5, thinking I had enough energy to run the way back. However, I soon remembered how out of shape I am and always have been and walked back. It turns out my socks were too short, leading to my shoes to rub off a couple of layers of skin from each of my ankles. Today, my back has been hurting from running due to the shock. I’ve also failed to meditate at all. So basically, being healthier hasn’t been going too well.

The goal of being healthier was also to give me some more energy to build my skills so that I will have some foundation for the upcoming four years and be able to get a good internship for next summer. Today, I tried to follow some advice about creating applications as projects of just trying to do it and looking up the stuff I wanted to do. I soon realized that I didn’t understand anything that I was looking up and quit out of frustration. I’m hoping that was because of my lack of energy, but I know it’s not because I’ve quit nearly everything in my life out of frustration and/or laziness.

I’m going to try to keep this lifestyle going because they always say it gets worse before it gets better.


3 thoughts on “Day 74: Being Healthy Sucks

  1. Focus on what it is that you want and what it will take to get that. When you get “off-track” just notice that, allow yourself some space and gently guide yourself back. Be good to yourself and be happy because you will never attain everything you want …so enjoy the journey.

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