Day 71: Falling Behind

There are a whole lotta people in the world. The number of people is probably higher than I can count in a reasonable amount of time and I will probably not even meet a fraction of that. The huge population means a lot of things, such as an impending food crisis due to overpopulation among others. However, personally, the most relevant issue associated with the population is competition.

At any given moment, there are probably hundreds of people my age in the same field as me doing much more work than me for that field. It’s inevitable that there are many people that are better than me and they will compete with me for those jobs, but with the huge number of people in the world competing with me, it’s extremely nerve-wracking. Any second I don’t spend working towards my future feels like it could be another second of me falling behind the competition.

I’m just entering college and even though I know a decent degree of java and have experience with a couple of other languages, I feel vastly unprepared. Part of this is due to my aspirations to land a technical internship by the end of the year and achieve a 4.0 and another part of it is due to the constant advice about how smart people in college are and how everyone has to work so hard just to achieve B’s. I’m also going to a school known for its difficulty so that makes me feel better.

Recently, I’ve been super unproductive in my free time because I come home from work mentally exhausted, barely able to do anything beyond basic functions like eating. Despite this, I’m trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle so I can move away from this level of tiredness. I’m cutting out caffeine and trying to alter my diet to be more balanced and not so carb and sugar heavy. Hopefully, I will be able to get into an exercise routine and start meditating too. With luck, these will give me more energy and help me to not fall behind.


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