Day 70: Scheduling

I don’t keep a calendar and I probably should. In all of the productivity blogs I’ve read, a common thing that is promoted is using a calendar to plan everything to maximize productivity. Time should be segmented so you will be motivated to do everything you need to do. Some blogs even say that you should keep a time log to find the places where you spend too much time and can adjust how you do that stuff to have more time in your day.

All of this seems rather extreme to me, as I’m super laid back and don’t really think I could be any type of happy living such an organized lifestyle. In grade school through most of high school, I was always super organized about what assignments I had to complete and when I had to complete them. By the end of my senior year, I pretty much had no idea what was going on and only barely remembered what I had to do, never writing anything down and pulling papers from various folders or out of the bowels of my backpack in stark contrast to the perfect binders of yore.

I’ve tried many times to institute a calendar to organize what I need to do and when I need to do it but I always go overboard, hoping to accomplish an absurd amount, allotting hours after hours to different forms of work with few breaks or go the complete opposite direction, giving too many breaks and not doing anything. For breaks and resting, I feel like they need to be organic rather than segmented and interrupt productive moments of flow. However, I don’t think I have much ethos on the manner considering my incredible lack of any sort of productivity in recent times. I had so many plans for the summer and am currently acting on zero of them.

Maybe I’ll try calendar-ing again and actually start doing something. If that happens, I’ll report back with “Scheduling Part 2” and some authority on the manner.


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