Day 68: Band Names

People love to say certain phrases would be great band names. Of course, I am one of these people and also sometimes like to think about xkcd’s alternative.

Despite the huge possibility of so many names for bands, we still end up with bands with un-google-able band names that are just normal words, like Jet or Eels or Girls. Honestly, these bands are making a huge mistake with their branding. Google is one of the most important means of music discovery and in the impatient world of today, an easy-to-find band is going to be more listened to than one that you have to search with “[band name] band” rather than just “[band name].” For example, when I first started listening to him, rapper Logic didn’t have a huge level of popularity, so googling Logic would always result in philosophical links that I really wasn’t looking for and I felt lazy about trying to find his music.

On the other hand, a good name can make someone (like me) more likely to listen to one’s music. It’s just like how everyone says to not judge a book by its cover but everyone judges books by their cover and title. A perfect illustration of this is the musical project Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, which may be the greatest name of a musician ever and the only reason I listened to it.

All I’m saying is that bands need to not be lazy and pick a random cool phrase that comes up in conversation rather than wasting their time with names that are impossible to find.

Of course, a post about phrases-turned-band name would be incomplete without a couple of phrases that I think would make good band names. First is Gin and Sonic, which I think would be an electronic-influenced folk or jazz band. The one that inspired this post was the phrase Sparse Droplets, which I think would be a sappy emo band like My Chemical Romance.


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