Day 62: Ballin’

Yesterday, I had the distinct pleasure of playing basketball for several hours with my friends. Sure, this sounds pretty fun and normal. However, this happened to be one of the first times I ever actually played. In the past, I would go to where my friends were playing basketball and try to convince them to play frisbee instead. My recent interest in basketball due to the intensity of the NBA Finals had me excited about the sport and willing to play.

It was no surprise that I was absolutely terrible and touched the ball only a few times the whole time. What was surprising was how exhausted I found myself at the end of a relatively short game.

Where my skill lacked, I had knowledge of the professional play of the sport, leading me to give frequent commentary comparing various members of the teams to NBA players. For example, a friend of mine brought his younger brother who was a solid foot shorter than anyone else there. This kid shot with crazy accuracy and handled the ball with incredible ease. I dubbed him Muggsy Bogues, after the shortest player to ever play in the NBA. I also called my friend Joseph Tristan Thompson after the rebound leader for the Cleveland Cavs in the finals.

As for me, I gave myself the title of Andrew Bogut, the center for the Golden State Warriors who has had his play in the finals characterized by blown coverage, fouling his defenders and generally terrible play.


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