Day 61: Not Giving Up

On a given day, I will read many articles, especially when I’m trying to brainstorm something to write for my daily blog post. Today, I came across an article that really resonated with me called “What I Do When I Feel Like Giving Up” by James Clear. Clear is a notable productivity blogger who focuses on habits and has been writing a blog post every Monday and Thursday for the last 939 days.

In the article, Clear feels like giving up on his writing habit and explains how he resists that urge. Despite his well-built habit and discipline, the pull of distraction and comfort is so desirable. Clear believes that this is a fairly common occurrence in life as a whole, the battle between distraction and discipline. Remembering the little amount of discomfort associated with the actual work compared the satisfaction from doing the work allows him to push on and keep moving. Furthermore, he explains how little that discomfort is in the scope of the world. We don’t have to hunt for our food and try to stay alive without getting eaten. The most inconvenient thing in our lives is having to exercise for an hour compared to watching TV. This level of perspective pushes him to not give up since it is so simple to do so.

Since the beginning of #the100DayProject, I’ve struggled nearly every day. I haven’t built that level of discipline that I wrote every single day, but I had enough to stay consistent with the amount of posts I put out. After I finish this project, I may adopt a similar strategy as James Clear of posting a couple days a week. When that happens, I would hope to build a consistent schedule and the discipline to follow it. When I start to struggle, I’ll come back to this post and just remember that it’s worth it to not give up.


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