Day 60: (Not) Working

I’m writing this post at work because I currently have nothing better to do and don’t know if I’ll have time to write later. This (not having work to do) has become a common occurrence in my short internship. Nearly every day, I finish the work I have to do or delegate it to another intern with a few hours to spare. I spend most of the remaining time just browsing the web. The thing is that my supervisor knows this and really doesn’t have much else to give me to do.

When I told my dad about this, he said that I need to learn to pace myself and take a little longer on stuff. I don’t really understand what that means. Am I just supposed to take longer on work than I have to? I know some people who extend any work they have to do to be way longer than necessary while doing whatever they want on the side.

More than anything else, this internship has showed me how much more productive the workforce could be but just isn’t due to the collective laziness. I’m sure most of these people are more ready to actually work, but there has to be a huge percentage of the population that just does absolutely nothing. Personally, I would get bored with doing nothing for 8 hours a day, but maybe people are into that sort of thing. Working is weird.


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