Day 58: Sleep

I don’t think there are very many people on the planet who don’t like sleep. Those who do either don’t know how to sleep or are just straight up lying or their lives are too good for their own good. At the end of the day, nothing is better than just falling into to softness of my own mattress and enjoying a good rest.

Recently, with my starting of my internship last week, I come home super tired every day and that means I’m ready to nap or if I don’t nap, I’m super tired until the night. The perfect example of this is tonight, when I’m about to fall asleep but I haven’t written any blog posts in 2 days so I have to write 3 today and end up rambling about some topic vaguely like driving and peanuts and sleeping. I’m super pumped to get in bed after this post, but knowing my body I will fail to sleep.

It seems when you are the most tired, you’re body decides to be a jerk about it and just refuse to fall asleep or the world does something and wakes you up. The latter part refers to how the child who lives in the apartment upstairs walks with such an intensity that I can never nap and end up waking up at like seven o’clock for no reason. Anyways, sleep is very important and I try to track it with the Sleep Cycle app to see how I can improve it when the world isn’t fighting against me. Generally, stressful days make me sleep better and exercising decreases my quality of sleep. So that may mean that I should try to change my workout time to one that is better for my sleep and that stressful days may not all be completely bad.

I’ve read studies about how sleep is a time that allows for the brain to drain of toxins that build up throughout an active day and thus holds an extreme importance that can’t be understated. Speaking of sleep, I think I’m going to go do that.


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