Day 52: Light

For a really long time, I wasn’t a huge fan of the dark because I was a child and every child knows that there are monsters hiding in the dark. As I grew older, I became more comfortable with the darkness as I began to dislike light. The sun would always give me a headache and light just felt so exposing.

I loved to just sit in a dark room. I would feel safe from the world, hidden by my blanket of darkness. Even more, I found that the darkness removed the amount of sensory input, which made it so much easier for creative juices to flow. Many of my college essays were written in a closed bathroom or closet, where there were no windows to not even let in the smallest amount of light.

For that reason, I always thought that I would be live in a place with very little light and it was not really an issue. However, after living in my current apartment, whose windows never receive sunlight due to the cover of trees, I must retract that statement. The few weeks I spent in my aunt’s house in between stints in the apartment were so much better only because of the increased amount of light. The lack of it in the apartment just creates a depressing vibe, lowering general energy and just making it so much harder to be positive and stay happy.

The moral of the story is that light is more important than you think. More importantly, it reinforces the idea that initial impressions are often incorrect as experience frequently is much more accurate than the simulations we run in our heads.


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