Day 50: 50 Days of Writing

I can’t believe I’ve written 50 blog posts. This is different from the title: I haven’t actually written 50 days in a row. Rather, I’ve had many days (like today) where I’ve written more than one post while some days I wrote none. That’s totally okay though considering the goals of my project. I wanted to give myself more practice writing and maybe build a habit and I’ve achieved the primary objective and will continue to do so.

At this halfway point, I want to reflect on what I’ve done so far. With 50 points, I’ve touched on a ton of subjects including economic systems, sports, food (and a few other posts) and of course music, which there are way too many posts about for me to really just link. Find the tag for it and you’ll see. Through these posts, I’ve managed to amass 32 followers on my blog, which I think is ridiculous since I never thought anyone I didn’t link my blog to would actually want to read my stuff more than once.

During this “journey.” I’ve written more than ever before and, though I’m not sure if my writing has improved to any degree, it feels like a major accomplishment to have written so much. There are millions of people with blogs, yet a majority of them are either blank or have a few posts that are spaced months or even years apart (this was me before the last 50 days). I’ve learned that coming up with a topic isn’t as hard as it seemed and the more important thing is to just pick something and write, regardless of how passionate you are about it. With a little bit of internet research, anything can become exciting enough to write about (I’m looking at you Marxism). Anyways, I’m excited to do another 50 of these posts (and probably more in the future). Woohoo!


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