Day 49: Watching TV

For me, there is nothing more difficult in the world than watching TV shows. I consistently try and watch new shows to no avail. There are so many pilots for shows that are critically acclaimed that I’ve watched or tried to watch and never gotten past them. Some examples are Breaking Bad, Lost, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Another thing that happens is that I like a show for a while and then there is an episode I don’t like, which causes me to just stop. This happened with Weeds and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Watching TV shows is so much of a commitment that if I’m not instantly in love with the show, I find it impossible to imagine dedicating countless hours to it. Furthermore, I also find the idea of watching many hours watching a violent show very taxing, when I aim to watch TV as a form of relaxation. In that case, I would prefer just to watch an action movie, which is condensed. In fact, I would almost always prefer to watch a movie rather than start a new TV show just because of ease. Unfortunately, this preference is rather uncommon.

TV shows hold a special place in society — a way for many people from different walks of life to connect over a common factor and this is something that keeps me away from many people. As it is, I have enough difficulty making conversations and the lack of TV in my repertoire as an interesting topic doesn’t make that any easier. That being said, I just started Daredevil which is only a one season show, so it doesn’t have the time commitment issue and I already love it. Hopefully, this will start a trend where I will learn to watch TV like a normal person.


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