Day 46: Pistachios

Last night, I watched the absolutely amazing movie Short Term 12 about a home for at-risk teens and the supervisors who work there. A major theme throughout the film was communication and the importance of opening up to others so they can help in hard times. The protagonist is a supervisor who works to connect with the kids and try to get them to talk about what’s bothering them. However, she struggles to do the same with her own problems.

As I watched this movie, I munched on pistachios because pistachios are both entertaining in the effort needed to crack them but also delicious. Each and every pistachio is different, varying in size and how much of the actual nut the shell shows as well as how easy it is to open them. Some are mostly closed and nearly impossible to crack while others are mostly open and easy to crack. The thing is that most of these nuts all taste the same, regardless of their openness to be cracked open.

At midnight when I finished the movie, I had the realization of how similar the characters of the movie (and people in general) are to my snack. Each of us have differentiating factors and varying willingness to open up, but that doesn’t change what we are – human beings. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how others are just like us because of the shells people have around them, hiding who they really are. All we have to do is crack them open. Even when we can’t get through, we should try to remember what lies beneath the hard exterior.

More importantly, we all have control over our shells, unlike the pistachios. We can choose when to let others break through and if we never let people in, we may be taken for our shells and constantly be distant from others. So, general relationship advice: break some shells!


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