Day 45: David Choi

There’s this Korean-American singer named David Choi who is mainly popular for making music independently and posting videos on YouTube. For much of middle school and a little bit of freshman year, DChoi’s music served as the soundtrack to my life. His various covers of popular music and love songs were much simpler than a lot of music and felt relatable.

Every now and then, I revisit his music and listen to all of those songs that would always accompany everything I did back in the day and am overwhelmed with feelings of nostalgia. In addition to the basic songs I would listen to, there were a few Christmas songs of his and songs that felt Christmas-y that made the feeling so much more intense.

Nostalgia is honestly one of the most powerful emotions for me and the most interesting. The strange mix of sadness and happiness accompanying a long-lost memory is incomparable. Nothing triggers nostalgia like music. My love of music naturally transfers into a love for nostalgia.

For example, the song “Always Hurt” has the chorus of “Can somebody please stop me from falling for this girl/I don’t wanna have to go through love again/’Cause it always hurts” which I thought was the most relatable thing in the world whenever I had a crush in middle school. Even in the past couple of years, I would hear this song in my head if I could feel myself developing a crush. Whenever I daydreamed about whichever crush I had, I would listen to the song “By My Side” with the super cheesy lyrics of “I just wanna hold you/I just wanna kiss you/I just wanna love you all my life.” I’m fairly certain these words still have an influence of my ideas of love.

To say that David Choi just gives me nostalgia is somewhat an understatement, considering how so many of my ideas of “love” (whatever that means) stem from listening to his music in middle school. David Choi has no idea how much he has impacted my way of thinking, which is an amazing quality of music – the unknowable impact.


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