Day 44: Frustrations of Technology

Technology has transformed our world a million times over. We can do things that were thought impossible just 10 or 20 years ago with the push of a few buttons. Even the idea of blogging is something that would astound people a few generations ago. Despite all of this progress, technology isn’t perfect. Apps crash, planes crash, cars break down, and pretty much every type of technology screws up some way or another.

We’ve become so dependent on the technology working that when it doesn’t, we freak out. We get so tied up with whatever we are doing that we forget how much of a convenience it really is that we can do what we were doing before the form of technology failed. Just yesterday, I wrote a way better form of my last post only for it to be deleted by wordpress for no clear, googleable reason. In fact, I was so upset, I decided that I wasn’t going to write that night. The frustration of losing four hundred or so words just so I could share them with a few strangers who would read them was so immense that I was unable to do anything except go to sleep.

Today, I’m still a little upset about it but I realize how little of a deal that really is. My life goes on and I still have this amazing tool that allows me to communicate with people from all across the globe without even knowing it. So even when technology is always failing when I need it most, that’s okay. I’ll survive and just be amazed that it was working in the first place.


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