Day 42: Grad Parties

I graduated on Friday and that means that the next few days will be filled with tons and tons of graduation parties. Graduation parties are a special kind of social gathering that have a decent level meaning behind them, meant to celebrate the achievement of a graduate. However, at the core, I feel like these events mainly have the purpose of gathering graduation gifts.

In general, if you go to a graduation party, you are expected to give a gift, gift card or cash worth between $25 and $50. As a result, the event can serve as a very profitable venture if a decent number of people are invited. Combine this with the fact that many invitations ask for “no boxed gifts” and hosting a graduation party is a day that just rakes in cash and gift cards.

Of course, this is a very cynical view of these parties and and I’ve attended very few, so my ideas about this might be skewed. I’m sure earnest graduation parties meant to actually celebrate exist, but I just haven’t encountered them.

I do think that money is on the mind of any graduates who host parties, but simply in different degrees. You can tell how true this is based on the number of people invited. If the party mainly consists of just hanging out with people at the party and never being able to talk to the honored graduate because he’s constantly at the door shaking hands and receiving cash-filled envelopes, that party may be aimed at getting money.

As someone who is fairly introverted, I attend very few social gatherings, but when I do I hope for an amazing time. Of all of the few social events I’ve been to, graduation parties are generally the least entertaining and most disappointing in terms of how much came out of the money paid (this is a joke). I’m just not a huge fan.


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