Day 41: Atlanta Sports

Being born and raised in the Atlanta area, I’ve constantly been an Atlanta sports fan. For most of my life, this mainly meant being a Falcons fan since football is my favorite sport to watch. However, recently I’ve gotten into basketball and tracked the scores of Braves’ games.

Anyone from Atlanta knows what this means. Nothing characterizes Atlanta sports like the words “next year” and “almost.” Every Atlanta team has had seasons where they were considered one of the strongest teams only to fall flat in playoffs. The rest of the seasons are usually in the bottom half of whatever league we are in. Despite all of this, I’m glad I’m an Atlanta sports fan and will explain why in classic clickbait-y blog format.


1. You celebrate everything. In Atlanta sports, every victory is a victory in some way and we try to make even the losses a victory just because we are so used to them and we need something to keep on surviving. For example, last season, the Falcons finished 3rd in their division. Despite that, everyone was still excited because we defeated the most evil institution in the world, the New Orleans Saints, in both of our division games.

2. Every playoff game is one of the most exciting games in the history of the sport. Every time any Atlanta team makes the playoffs, they have the opportunity to have the greatest run in their (recent) history because they either haven’t won a championship (Falcons) or it’s been 57 years since the last one (Hawks). For example, in 2012, the Falcons made it to the second round of playoffs and were facing the Seahawks. It was my first football game ever and the entire Georgia Dome was vibrating with the noise of Atlanta’s enthusiastic fans. We won that game and managed to lose in the NFC Championship, but that season was one of our best runs.

3. You learn to accept failure. Sports are incredibly emotional and because of that, lessons learned from them can be applied to real life. Every year’s failures result in hopes for the next. We always brush off our losses and look forward, perhaps reflecting on what we can learn from our mistakes. This is an extremely important quality to have and helped me immensely when dealing with my personal failures.

With the Hawks down 2 games in the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s likely they will lose this series following their best regular season in team history. However, that’s totally okay.


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