Day 36: Teachers

If it wasn’t obvious from nearly every single one of my last few posts mentioning it, I’m done with school. It’s off to college where everything is apparently different. Like every person in my place, I’ve been reminiscing about the last 13 years of my life in the public education system. For obvious reasons, the most important people in that time period in terms of my education have been my teachers.

The first one that pops into my head is my 2nd grade teacher Mrs. Worful, whose husband happened to be my aunt’s dentist (completely irrelevant but still cool to me). I remember a certain activity where every student found a red or blue wristband on their desk at the beginning of the day. For half of the day, the blue wristbanded students were treated preferentially. The second half of the day had the other students treated preferentially. It seemed really strange at the time, but it was meant to show us what prejudice over something random and uncontrollable felt like, and I still vividly remember that day over 10 years later. Furthermore, Ms. Worful made me go from a student struggling to write a paragraph to being able to write a 3 paragraph essay, which was an enormous step in my writing career.

After Ms. Worful, another important teacher was Mrs. Delbridge, who was my advanced Language Arts teacher. In most language arts classes, we had just focused on doing spelling and grammar out of a textbook with some essays and reading mixed in. Other than that, the classes were absurdly boring and tedious. Mrs. Delbridge’s class couldn’t be more different. We were always looking for different projects for us to do and teach us about communication in ways that weren’t just limited to writing essays. For example, as a part of a “media” unit, we had the opportunity to create a product and build a marketing campaign around it. Our commercials aired for the entire school on the morning news and students had the opportunity to vote on what were their favorites. I’m still proud of the success of our product, the Legobot 3000, which was a lego car that would move in a straight line with a push of a button. We had the most students vote for our product. 🙂

I have a few other teachers that really influenced me, but I’m tired and have written quite a bit here already, so I may talk about them some other time.


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