Day 34: Advice

Everyone has advice and everyone has something to say. A lot of times people fail to realize that they are not the same thing. A lot of advice is simply people saying what is on their mind, without really thinking about how helpful it is.

The issue is that everyone wants advice because, in all honesty, no one has any idea what they are doing. This is why advice articles and blogs and self-help are all so popular and why I scroll through my medium feed, nearly every post involves tips for the high school senior or the new designer or the front-end developer. Everyone opens these articles because they are lost and want some direction and go to these words that someone who is likely just as lost to find out where they are. This absurd blind-leading-the-blind situation is all too common and results in enormous amounts of reiteration of the same advice or just completely contradictory advice, leading to absolutely nothing productive.

But that’s just so human. Nothing is more human than some really complex that really leads to nothing at all. We all seek a level of complexity to explain why something is just so or how we should do something but the same goal is accomplished. Here, a lack of productivity is accomplished by a strange system of advice being transmitted through a variety of media. Advice is so easy to get, but it’s rare that it is actually good advice because everyone wants to share.


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