Day 33: Summer

Today was my last day of school, so you can say that today is the first day of my summer vacation. It really doesn’t feel like it, but I’m trying to make it feel a little like that.

The first thing I did after getting out of school was go and buy a pair of flip flops. I threw out my old pair that was worn out a few months ago and was struggling to deal with the rising temperatures without them. I finally have something to wear with my shorts. As someone who is into fashion, I’ve found that everyone considers flip flops to be rather unfashionable, something to be restricted to the beach. However, these people are simply and completely unaware of how uncomfortable shoes are when you have to go sockless or wear no-shows in 80 degree humid Georgia heat. Summer fashion in most places is different from summer fashion in Georgia simply due to the way the heat is. Anyways, the point is that flip flops are in for me, no matter what people say.

This vacation, I have a to-do list that I created a while ago. The list includes building a passive income source, learning “hella Javascript,” music production, Illustrator, learning design, learning to play guitar, redoing my website and learning how to learn . This is clearly a lot of stuff to do and have all the doubts that I can accomplish even a fraction of these things. This is true mainly because of my summer internship that I got at a local app dev company that will pay me (woohoo!). Because of that, the passive income source may or may not be necessary. After that, I will probably try to focus on learning how to learn, then JS, design, illustrator and music. Let’s see how the next few months go!


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