Day 31: Solace

Solace: n. comfort or consolation in a time of distress or sadness. “find your solace in your Self.”

I think solace is my new favorite word. First of all, it sounds beautiful, rolling off the tongue with smooth elegance. Its meaning is also very smooth and relaxing – a comfort or oasis in the desert of distress. Unsurprisingly, my source of solace is music. 

In fact, the inspiration for this post was Earl Sweatshirt’s 10 minute EP project thing called “Solace” where he talks about his dead grandmother among other things such as coping with fame in his distinctive depressing brooding style. His lyrics are filled with beautiful poetic devices. It’s no wonder that Kendrick Lamar, considered the best rapper of this generation considers Earl his favorite artist. 

Earl’s story is part of what makes him unique –  a son of a famous African poet raised by a single mother who has him study in the Pacific islands when he began to be involved in shady behaviors, only for him to return and become a hip hop sensation, dropping back to back critically acclaimed albums with a fairly unique style and earning praises from everyone. 

I don’t have much else to say, I just don’t want to get more than a day behind on my posts. 


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