Day 28: Music Analysis

I’m gonna try something different with the next few posts, as a part of an idea I have for a new blog. Basically, there is an enormous presence of music blogs on the internet. However, nearly all of them either focus on reviewing music or finding smaller artists and sharing their music.

Yet, to me, these don’t even cover a fraction of what music means to me and I’m sure there are people who want to get more out of music and may be willing to read about it. I’ve been thinking about writing about what specific songs or albums really mean, the underlying messages of the lyrics and how they interact with the tones of the actually music. Beyond that, I would hope to give a reasonable amount of context as to where each artist is coming from. This definitely goes against the formalist idea of the “Death of the Author” that I’ve learned a lot about. There a lot of forms of literary theory, but the ones that align most with my goals and ideas towards where meaning lies would be Reader-Response Criticism and a little bit of Cultural Studies, as the culture of an artist plays heavily into why certain elements are included.

After taking a class on literary analysis in AP Lit, I’ve been thinking in more analytical ways when reading anything, including lyrics. Despite this, I don’t really have a huge background in literary criticism or music theory, so I hope that this can double as a learning experience.

To complete the effect, I sort of want to self host a WordPress blog for it and give it some witty musical pun title to try to make it look like a legitimate site. Heck, if I can write for it consistently and build any sort of readership, that would be fantastic. In the next few posts, I’m going to try to break down some songs from Sufjan Steven’s Carrie & Lowell, which is my current favorite album and I know is filled with meaning.


3 thoughts on “Day 28: Music Analysis

      • Thanks! I’ve just given it a read! It’s very similar to the analysis I have to do for English at school! Things such as context, different interpretations and language devices! Haha!

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