Day 24: Mashups

I’ll give you one guess on what this post is about and if your guess is not music, you’re clearly not a regular reader around here (because I write about music a whole lot).

For those of you that don’t know what a mashup is, it’s basically a song that mashes up two or more other songs to create a song that’s vaguely familiar but completely fresh in a way. For example, here’s a mashup that combines m83’s “Midnight City” with Kanye West’s “Good Life”.

If you’ve read my opinions on music before, you know that I am a huge fan of being open-minded when it comes to listening to music. I think judging people based on music taste is a childish waste of time and try to listen to all types of music. Of course I have my preferences, but that doesn’t mean I won’t try to listen to whatever someone suggests to me. So, the idea that there’s a genre that mixes other genres and exposes people to other music is incredible. Even more incredible is the idea that some music plus other music results in awesome music.

Despite my love for the concept of mashups, frequently I’m disappointed with the quality of the mashups I do find. My favorite sort of mashups are those that bring together different genres, like hip hop and ambient or electronic. In particular, bringing in 90’s rap verses over modern beats just works really well, making the songs more accessible to those who are put off by the older style. For example, I’ve always had difficulty getting into Notorious BIG because of the fact that the recording wasn’t the highest quality because of its age. Yet, songs like this one make the music a lot easier to listen to and seems to add another dimension to it.


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