Day 22: Musical Memories

People often talk about how memories are very strongly tied to the sense of smell. For me, certain songs are tied to memories with a similar level of association. Recently, this really cool band called the Faded Paper Figures followed me on Twitter, which is strange, because I usually only get followed by fake accounts and people I barely know. The Faded Paper Figures was a band I had actually listened to quite a bit (mainly their debut album Dynamo).

Anyways, being followed by the band reminded me that I hadn’t listened to their music in a while. So I went to Spotify, and looked for my favorite song “The Persuaded” from their first album. I was instantly transported back to last summer, in my bedroom of my old house. It was the first time I listened to that song when it came up on shuffle or radio or something like that and was immediately drawn into the music. It was really late night and remember seeing the time as 1:51 AM. I had no reason to wake up but I wanted to soak up the darkness. At the time, I was feeling lost and alone, as angst-filled high schoolers tend to feel in the night.

I was reminiscing over older times and filled with nostalgia and the song just seemed so perfect. It tells of how the main character of the song “he” is rather uncultured and unaware of his surroundings. However, the most relevant line was supposedly spoken by “he,” asking the listener to “just persuade [him] that everything’s alright,” which was exactly how I felt. I wanted to be persuaded, but like the band, I was “not persuaded.” At the same time, I felt better because I was not persuaded I was the only one (“We’re not persuaded we’re the only ones”).


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