Day 21: Easier

You would think that it would get easier after 20 days of writing mostly every day, but it really hasn’t. On several occasions, I find myself busy all day and just too tired to write at the end. Yesterday would be an example of that, which is why I will write 2 posts today. I’m 1/5th of the way into 100 days of writing and it stays at the same level of difficulty.

I do feel like I’ve improved at how quickly I can churn these out. My first post probably took around an hour to write, but these days I get most posts out within 20 minutes. However, the style has definitely changed. Some of my earlier posts were a lot more informational, filled with links and references to back up my claims. At this point, I’ve gone into a more opinion-based format of writing that doesn’t need as much substantiation, but rather just explanation that I can provide in pure text. In all honesty, I continue to think that doing this is a great idea. Writing is something I’ve always derived great pleasure from and even though I’m forcing myself to do it, the pleasure is still there. Even more awesome is my discovery of WordPress’s tagging system, which has allowed my posts to actually get some views! In fact, I think I’m up to 17 followers on this blog, which is awesome, with only 1 of them being someone I know. Considering my complete lack of personal promotion on this blog, I find this fairly impressive.

The most impressive thing I’ve noticed about writing daily is the process of coming up with a topic. In old blogs, that was always the most difficult part, yet for these past 21 days, that has been one of the easiest parts, while finding the time has been the most difficult. Let’s hope I continue to make the time for another 79 posts!


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