Day 20: Exclusivity

People love exclusivity. Whether it’s being in a relationship with someone or being the only one to know a secret, nothing excites someone in the same way as being one of the few people to be involved with something. In a world of a whole lot of people, it’s nice to feel like an individual for something you’re involved with once in a while. This is why the stereotypical hipster “liked things before they were cool,” basking in the glory of being exclusive.

I find it outstanding how people can feel so special from being privy to certain information, yet it’s really understandable. Just thinking about how big our planet is and how many people there are, most of the time we won’t be the first or even thousandth person to hear about something. The rare cases that you do are amazing. For example, there is the band called Sylvan Esso that I listened to at the beginning of the summer of 2014. On Spotify, it showed that their top songs all only had a few thousand plays. I really enjoyed their music and briefly thought about how cool it would be if this band blew up. If you look now, their most popular song “Coffee” has over 17 million plays. I never thought about how much I liked that exclusivity, but now that it’s gone, I don’t feel as special.

It’s really silly if you think about it and not a real reason to be upset or put off in the slightest. However, it still affects me. I want to continue to be special, but that’s not how exclusivity works. Someone else is going to hear the secret or listen to that band. The key is to realize the exclusivity in your daily life when it happens and be grateful for it then, not after it’s gone. The phrase “you never know what you have until it’s gone” is often very true, but it doesn’t have to be if you stay grateful and look for your exclusivity everywhere.


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