Day 18: Forgettable

What do people say a lot when they say goodbye to someone for the last time? When they don’t think they will ever see them again? “I will never forget you,” is what pops into my head first. It’s the phrase movies like to suggest is so commonplace that some people imitate it and actually make it commonplace. Most of the time, we won’t know when the last time we will ever meet or someone is and don’t have a chance to utter those words.

I find that somewhat symbolic. The people you will forget never get to hear those words because you’re not gonna lie to them. More likely is that you’re never gonna talk to them enough to bid them farewell. These are the people who were sort of like the extras in your lifelong adventure. These are the people you would talk to from time to time and may have been partnered with for that on government project, but just fall out of your mind after a while. They are completely forgettable in your mind because you never really found out how they are as a person. Either that, or you just never talked to them very much because they didn’t talk much.

As graduation looms and my departure from my childhood city approaches, I can’t help but think of how I will likely be completely forgettable for so many of many peers, despite the fact that I may have been in the background of their life for up to twelve years. I can attribute this to many things, but nothing is more obvious than my demeanor. As someone who is naturally quiet and shy, I’ve always been overlooked and I’m sure I’ve probably been forgotten by more people than currently remember me. This isn’t limited to my classmates though. I still sometimes think about the day my 7th grade Spanish teacher was a substitute teacher and remembered many of my friends I had in that class, but not me. But then again, this is all completely my fault. My inability to break out of my quiet nature is holding me back and will continue to unless I change.

People often say that this is an extrovert’s world and I’m not sure of how true that is. Since extroversion and introversion refer to energy levels linked to social interaction, I think that saying that it’s an outgoing, socially competent person’s world would be more apt. Either way, it’s not my world, but I gotta change for it.


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