Day 10: Concealed Communities

If it wasn’t clear beforehand, I’m interested in a lot of things. Lots of different pursuits are super intriguing to me and I will often start to look into them deeply for a few hours before realizing that I’ve been procrastinating my homework and should be working on that. As a result, frequently I will never ever return to that thing ever again.

My method for facing any problem or idea or just thinking about anything is just to google it. Without google, I would probably not know half the things I do today or how to respond to most situations. So thank you google. In my dives into random hobbies and interests, I would encounter forums or groups of people who were really focused on that specific thing with an intensity I couldn’t even fathom. For example, I enjoy spinning my pen around my finger from time to time. It began as something that I would do for fun, but now it’s something that can help me focus on what I’m doing. Anyways, I began to research this in more depth and discovered that there was a huge community of pen spinners and even a World Tournament.

My point is that there are entire communities of people obsessed with things you probably haven’t even heard of. There are hundreds or thousands of people that could have a passion for something that simply makes no sense to you or is completely irrelevant. Another example of this is fashion. For many men, clothes are simply a utility. For others, like myself, clothes are a form of self-expression and almost like an artform. Participating on online forums and communities to craft my personal style, I learned an immense amount about different styles of clothing from Americana to streetwear to lunarcore (yes that’s a real thing). More importantly, I learned that it was unlikely that I would ever truly become as dedicated as many of the members of these communities, who would dedicate a majority of their income to get the latest and greatest pieces from the Rick Owens collection or drop thousands on the new Yeezy Boosts.

It’s not just fashion. There are people like this in every one of these concealed communities. Personally, my interest in everything would never let one of these things take over my life, but those who would let themselves were people to learn from. They are the experts that you go to for help on your weekend project with origami or woodworking or yo-yoing. So, maybe one day when you observe some mundane activity that you find pretty cool, maybe give it a google search. You may find a place to become an expert.


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