Day 7: Closet Linkin Park Fans

After a few days of talking about a bunch of different creative outlets, a blog post that I had read earlier popped into my head. The post is by electronic music producer Ta-ku and is called “Closet Drake Fans”. First of all, the post is actually a journal on, a photo-sharing service reminiscent of Instagram except for actual photographers. Not only does Ta-ku make music and take brilliant pictures, he also writes about both coming together in article. Making that list made me realize that picking just one of those things is gonna be nearly impossible and I want to go into as many of them as possible to be able to occupy a similar role as Ta-ku has here. But I digress.

Back to the post though, which is about how Ta-ku posted pictures of Drake he took at a concert to his Instagram to receive tons of hateful comments, berating and condemning the producer for his support of Drake. Ta-ku goes on to talk about music tastes and how people unfairly judge others based on their music tastes. Personally, I see this frequently as many people think that listening to certain genres or artists makes someone inferior or someone to be judged.

For example, one of my favorite bands of all time is the alternative rock band Linkin Park. These days, Linkin Park is often criticized for various reasons, but the one that I’ve encountered most is that it is generally “so middle school.” On several occasions, I’ve told people about my love for the band, only to receive “I thought you were better than that” or “I’m judging you so hard.” I find these responses extremely pretentious, as these people think they are too good for certain music or don’t see beyond the superficial aspects of it. To me, Linkin Park represents the beginning of my music listening and was my introduction into music as a whole and into many genres, so just completely rejecting my love for that band is extremely narrow-minded.

In my eyes, music can be wonderful for a person and not for another and that’s totally okay, but one’s preferences, which are completely subjective, shouldn’t be some reason to judge a person, but just a way to connect with someone and learn more about them.


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