Day 5: Potential Creative Outlets

In my first post on this challenge, I conclude by talking that I’ll move onto my next 100 day project. The problem is that I have lots and lots creative interests which I could all see being my “must.” I’m not sure how I will choose between them, but maybe talking about each of them and breaking them down in cool subsections like all the blogs I read seem to do.


First, there is my first project. The one I’m doing now. Yaknow. Writing. The problem is that just saying the word “writing” is extremely vague. There are thousands of genres and styles of writing with tons of motivations behind writing so I’ll split this up even further.


Poetry has always been perplexing to me. Reading it confuses me but mystifies me at the same time. When I’m told to analyze poetry, I always feel a little lost before I began to dig in and try to decipher rhyme schemes and meter (jk I don’t know what meter is) among other things to try to get as much out of these short writings as possible. At the same time, it was always intriguing and after reading a memoir of poems written in a way that was reminiscent of my manner of speaking, I became more open to writing poetry. I haven’t really had a chance to write much poetry outside of some angst-filled, depressing expressions of frustration that I don’t ever want to share, but I may try later on.


Technically it’s slam poetry, but I think that it’s different enough to have its own section. Slam poetry is named after events known as poetry slams, where people read their work in front of an audience and are given a score. In description, this sounds rather bland, yet the emotional delivery and complex metaphors combine with a voice in a way that makes it seem like so much more than just words, a way to connect with a human being you’ve never met before as their words plunge me into their worlds. My words don’t do it justice. In particular, I am interested in the medium because of this one and this one.


I, like lots and lots of people, am amazed by the magic of movies. Films have a mystical power to capture all sorts of people. Their universal appreciation among people make them very unique and powerful. However, more than anything, I find quality dialogue and writing make or break movies more than visual effects or compelling stories. The odd yet relatable writing of lines in Juno make it one of my favorite movies. Aaron Sorkin’s phenomenal writing in The Social Network makes me want to both pursue writing and a career in software. Who knows if I’ll get there, but I want to write at least one screenplay in the future.


This category isn’t as clear but I want to summarize every sort of thing that may be found in a blog or an online newspaper. For me, this is stuff like all of my past blog posts (excluding this one) and perhaps actual news reporting. I applied for an editorial internship position for a teen newspaper so hopefully I’ll be able to explore this field through that. In particular, I want to write some music reviews of various albums due to my pseudo-obsession with Pitchfork. I might try to do this at the GT newspaper this fall.

I have a lot more possible creative outlets but it seems like I really like writing considering the fact that I’ve filled up over 500 words talking about it. Anyways, I’m going to write about the rest tomorrow or some other time.


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