Day 3: The Argument

The man moved his arms with a great rapidity. One had to wonder if he was imitating the movements of a duckling attempting to takeoff from a pond’s surface, or if he was simply excited. The woman across from him sipped her coffee, keeping a strange expression on her face. It was a mix of annoyance and boredom, perhaps overly exposed to the idiosyncrasies of her anatine companion. From his movements, it soon became clear that his apparel was the focus of the conversation. He gingerly pinched a piece of the fabric. His movement was very quick, but the way he handled his shirt was very gentle, suggesting it was either extremely valuable or unstable, ready to disintegrate at a given moment.

At once, the man stopped talking as his partner stood up suddenly, an expression of rage on her countenance. With equal levels of gesticulation, she entered a diatribe lost to everyone except the person in front of her. After several minutes of vigorous dialogue, she stormed away, leaving her crushed cup next to the man as she left.

I stared at the man for the next few moments. His face was in his hands, but his sweater was more visible. It was clear as day that it was designer, perhaps the latest duffle cardigan from Burberry that retailed of upwards of $2000. Even clearer was the brown stain on the valuable material.

I’ll be honest, I was having some serious trouble trying to figure out what to talk about so I googled “what should I write about today” and decided to use a Buzzfeed thingy that gave me the prompt “Write a scene where two characters argue … without using any dialogue.” I’m not sure I like it as much as my previous two, but it’s something out of my comfort zone – fiction.



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