Hello, old friend! My good ol’ blog, still here in all of its beauty. Unsurprisingly, it’s been a fairly long time since I’ve posted on here. I hope you’ve been swell and well! (I address my actual blog because my viewership is rather lacking)

The last time I wrote a blog post, the date was July 06 and I wrote 2 in one day. I took one of them down because it was filled with typos and lacking in any meaning. Although this is usually my strategy with my blog posts, it was much less successful in this case and I couldn’t even extract the slightest inkling of depth from that work. Clearly, I should stick to one blog post per random day. It has been 2 months and 15 days since those posts. I’d like to say that so much has changed even though it sounds super cliche, but really a lot has changed.

The most striking change to my world has been the beginning of the school year. Leading up to the first day of school, I was fairly excited. My summer had been incredibly lackluster, one of the least eventful or exciting summers of my life. I looked forward to my classes, especially AP Lit, mainly due to my affinity for our summer reading novel, Frankenstein. I was also looking forward to the (apparently super easy) Georgia Tech Calc class and AP Physics C. Also, I had a free period in my schedule, an internship and online econ lined up. As I returned from San Francisco a week before school started, everything seemed like the year would be incredible.

Then, it began. I have this huge issue where I have various scenarios of what the future holds in my mind. Generally, I will find a favorite, quasi-perfect scenario that sticks to my mind and molds my expectations for that particular event. Unfortunately, this frequently ends in overwhelming disappointment that consumes my very being (I’m only being slightly melodramatic). I’m sure you can figure out how this is relevant.

For the first week of school, my first period GT Calc hadn’t started yet and my second period was nonexistent. Third period was AP Lit and taught by a super awesome teacher whose room smelled like waffles and happiness. I loved that class immediately and was super excited for it, especially because of the small size of the class – perfect for discussion. Next, I Directed Study, where I would take my econ class. It also hadn’t started yet so that was another period of nothing. That class was followed by Physics, where I was greeted by a teacher who had no intention of actually teaching us (flipped classroom woohoo). I ended the day with the Internship class, which was a few days of doing nothing until I turned in a few forms and had a placement for the actual internship. After that, I would be able to leave early from school every day and work at my internship 2 days a week.

The next week pretty much extracted most of the good parts I thought I would have in the day. My Calc class started, which consisted of a bunch of smart kids trying to pay attention to a very repetitive professor who couldn’t understand technology. My free period was soon replaced by peer facilitation (sitting in the attendance office running errands for the teacher) because the administration apparently doesn’t like me. My lit class was dissolved and combined with another class of another teacher. The new teacher was nice and all, but the 31-student class is painful, especially for a discussion-based class. My online econ class started, which was and is lame, mainly due to the frequent errors in the content and general disorganization. Physics continued to be its useless self, but I was able to start going home early after it.

So in summary, everything I liked about school pretty much disappeared. But that’s ok. This is only my life for the next few months. Soon, all of this will be gone. This, like everything else, should be taken as a lesson. This, like all of my other disappointments, is a lesson to have realistic expectations that don’t take over my thoughts. That’s what school is about right? Learning?


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