My first real blog post followed the last day of 8th grade. I made a blog post on one of the first days of my summer vacation before entering the deep unknown that was high school. Filled with childlike ignorance, I thought of how I would write on my blog with semi-regularity and have people who would actually read what I had to say (which wasn’t much). My first post was simply a narrative of the final day of middle school with minimal exploration into the flawed nature of the awards ceremony that occurred on that day. The blog post, which can be found here, seems to brag about my reception of awards and describes the events of the day with a complete lack of detail which reminds me why I lack confidence in my writing. Just skimming through my writings, I cringe at my former self (who doesn’t?). Three years changes a lot. The point of all of this is to see how my blogging has changed. I began with a story. This was a story that simply came from an extremely important moment in my life and I attempted to weave into something that people would want to read. I can say that I was not successful. With many drafts and attempts to make myself sound intellectual by using words that I barely understood (and would later be removed), I created a less than mediocre piece of work. To my 13 year old self, the praise from my family that was expected made it more than good enough. Since then, my philosophy has changed. No longer do I write for others. I write for me. I write what I feel, what I think, what I believe and what I want to believe. To the other 7 billion people on the planet, this blog is irrelevant and inconsequential. The philosophies of a 16 year old who is trying to figure out what the hell is going on generally aren’t valued as much as a blog teaching you how to make tiramisu or explaining the latest trends in technology.

I write for me. That’s why I don’t proofread any of this and why most of it probably makes very little sense.


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