The sound of rain is incredibly relaxing. I don’t know why. The gentle pitter-patter of the round orbs of water molecules is so unique yet so natural. It seems to free us of the sun that we need. Suddenly, that necessary orb of flame and pain disappears while we can sit in the all-encompassing shade. Some hate the rain. They hate the source of freshwater for early man. They hate the respite from the burning rays of the central star above. The simple change is what makes it so refreshing. The ephemeral nature of rain is what makes it so beautiful and so relaxing. After the the rain, the world is a new place – cleansed and oozing life. You walk outside into a new world after a day of precipitation. The ground is moist, you take in the petrichor – the smell after a rain. It’s unique, it’s transient. You see worms, outside of their underground homes, for once able to survive on the surface. Soon the sun will return, everything will return to its dry and dead state. Those worms will dry out and die. That awesome circle of burning gas inconceivably far away will kill as it brings life. It allows for survival, yet causes destruction. Rain stops the destruction and helps in the survival, but can also cause incredible strife. The world is a fickle beast – filled with double edged swords, ready to save us or end us.


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